Concrete Composite Burglary Safe CS45

Model: CS45
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Product Overview
The CS45 Concrete Composite Safe is considered a high security safe offering advanced fire & burglary protection due to its steel thickness and concrete fill. The Concrete Composite Stealth Commercial Safe series comes with a 90-minute fire rating and lifetime warranty vs theft and fire making it the perfect safe for any business or home.
External Dimensions 45"H x 24"W x 24"D
(add 1 1/2" to Depth for Keypad)
Ext. Cubic Ft 15 cu ft
Internal Dimensions 41"H x 19 ½"W x 16"D
Int. Cubic Ft 7.4 cu ft
Weight 941 lbs
Security Features
  • Built to Similar Construction Standards as a TL-15 Rated Safe
  • 90 Minute Fire Rating at 1200º F
    • Heat Expandable Door Seal for Extra Fire Protection
  • Total door thickness of 4 ½"
    • Including a 2" defense barrier of outer & inner steel plates totaling 9 gauge, encasing concrete composite fill consisting of high-grade cement, high strength adhesives, superplasticizer, fire-proof material and coal ash
  • Overall Body Thickness of 2 ¼"
    • Including Concrete Composite Filling encased in Outer & Inner Steel Plates (Total of 9 Gauge Steel thickness)
  • 8 Solid Steel Locking Bolts 1 ¼” in Diameter
    • 4 Active & 4 Deadbolts
  • UL Approved High Security Electronic Lock
    • Protected by Hard Plate & Internal Re-Locker
  • 2 Pre-Drilled Bolt Down Holes to Secure Safe Down
Extra Features
  • 4 Gray Powder-Coated Adjustable Shelves
  • Extremely Durable Armored Black Paint
  • Chrome L-Shape Turn Handle
  • Outer Steel Escutcheon Plate
  • Lifetime Burglary & Fire Warranty
    • Covers Break-In, Attempted Break-In & House Fire
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Product Description

Introducing the all new, CS45 Stealth Concrete Composite Safe with advanced security features, a 90 minute fire rating and a gorgeous interior.

Starting with security, Stealth CS45 Concrete Composite safe has a total door thickness of 4-1/2" making it nearly impossible to pry open. Both the door and the body have a 2" defense barrier of both an outer and inner steel plate totaling 9 gauge, with a concrete composite fill in the middle consisting of high-grade cement, high strength adhesives, super-plasticizer, fire-proof material and coal ash. Traditional home and office safes will have an outer steel shell with gypsum fireboard in the middle that is extremely easy to drill through. Concrete is incredibly difficult to drill through which is why it's used on bank vaults and TL Rated Safes. With the Stealth Concrete Composite Safes you get similar security features found on TL Rated Safes without the massive price tag.

Keeping the massive door locked in place are 8 solid steel 1-1/4" thick locking bolts, with four being active and four deadbolts on the hinge side. The door opens on two external heavy-duty steel strap hinges after the correct combination is entered into the UL Approved NL Universal Lock UR-2020 High Security Electronic Lock. This lock is the most reliable lock in the safe industry assembled and tested in the USA. The lock is also protected by an outer steel escutcheon plate, internal hard plate and re-locker that provides another barrier to a drill attack.

The Stealth CS45 Concrete Composite safe is fire rated for 90 minutes at 1200 degrees with the fire resistance provided by the concrete fill. Concrete is the best fire resistance material and if you take a look at all the safes that have passed the UL fire tests, all of them use concrete. Stealth also adds an intumescent door seal that expands to multiple times its size during a fire to prevent smoke from entering the safe keeping your contents safe and secure inside.

The CS45 Concrete Composite safe is finished in an extremely durable textured black paint with a chrome drop down handle. What really differentiates this safe from the competition is the gray shelving and backplate that makes the interior really pop allowing you to easily see your contents inside. The finish makes this safe ideal for home, office or commercial use.

Stealth believes in and stands behind the CS45 concrete composite safe by offering a 2 year parts and labor warranty on the lock and defects in materials and workmanship and a lifetime warranty against house fire, attempted break-in and actual break-in. If you want similar security and features of a TL Rated safe at less than half the price, you've just found your perfect safe, the Stealth CS45 Concrete Composite Safe.
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