Heavy Duty Wall Safe Extra Deep WSHD1414

Model: WSHD1414
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Product Overview
With its massive 1/2" thick steel plate door, 3 solid steel locking bolts and 12 gauge construction on the body, this wall safe is perfect for discretely storing your valuables out of sight. Wall Safes are the ideal choice for restaurants, gas stations, businesses and home owners. This safe is proudly made in the USA!
External Dimensions 14"H x 14"W x 10"D
(16”H x 16”W with Outer Flange)
Internal Dimensions 13 ⅝"H x 13 ⅝"W x 5"D
Weight 73 lbs
Security Features
  • Three 1” Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • Massive ½” Thick Steel Plate Door
  • 12 Gauge Steel Body
  • UL Approved Electronic or Mechanical Dial Lock Options Available
    • 1/4” Thick Rockwell Hard Plate (Protecting Lock)
  • Cast Iron Door Hinges
Extra Features
  • 1 Removable Carpeted Shelf
  • Carpeted Interior Floor
  • Chrome L-Shape Turn Handle
  • 5 Year Warranty on Hinges & Welds
  • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

Product Description

Hidden from plain view and accessible only to the owner, wall safes offer excellent protection for your valuables. Adding in several layers of advanced security to the concealment aspect, this wall safe is the ideal choice for home owners.

In regards to security, the Stealth Heavy Duty Wall Safe is Burglary Rated due to its 1/2" thick steel plate door secured in place by three 1" solid steel locking bolts. With all other sides of the 12 gauge steel body are secured in the wall, this safe is near impenetrable and extremely pry resistant offering no real access points outside of the door. Locking on the inside of the strong external cast iron door hinges is a full length steel deadbar that keeps the door secure if someone were to attempt to cut off the hinges.

On the face of the door lies a UL Approved LP UR-2020 High Security Electronic Lock and bold chrome handle. The lock is protected by a 1/4" Thick Rockwell hard plate and internal re-locker that will keep the bolts locked if a thief were to attempt a punch or drill attack.

Once the correct combination is entered and you turn the handle, the door glides open on the ball bearing hinges. You can literally feel the weight in the door as you open it proving the high levels of steel used for your security. Once inside there is ample space for your valuables and the 1 removable shelf provides maximum storage capability. Both the shelf and the bottom of the safe are carpeted to protect your valuables.

Once you've finished placing or removing valuables and you begin to close the door, the bolt detent will click into place and fire the bolts, locking the safe automatically for you.

What's unique to this wall safe is that it's extra deep, a full 10", which makes it much deeper than traditional in the wall safes. Please be sure to measure the space in your wall to make sure it can accommodate the extra depth.

Stealth believes in and stands behind the Made in USA Heavy Duty Wall Safe WSHD1414 by offering a two year parts and labor warranty as well as a 5 year warranty on the hinges and welds.

While wall safes offer great security being easily hidden and surrounded by wall studs, these same features also make them extremely susceptible to moisture problems. Keeping papers and valuables inside zip lock bags and Tupperware help when experiencing a fire or flood, humidity will still seep inside causing mildew and corrosion. We strongly recommend using a dehumidifier to absorb this moisture and keep your valuables safe. You should also open your safe (especially after initial installation) frequently to assess moisture and check the dehumidifier.
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